Ministry of Economy Employees Improve Monitoring and Evaluation Skills

Yesterday, a closing ceremony in Kabul concluded a 17-days advanced training on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for employees of the Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEc). The training equipped 15 participants, including women, with advanced skills to monitor and evaluate development projects. The MoEc’s Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBME) directorate and ACCORD Worldwide Consultancy facilitated the activity. The Afghan-German Cooperation supported the training financially.

RMBE’s General Director, Mr Mohammad Nabi Sroosh, expressed his appreciation for the training activity and emphasised: “This training was essential for the MoEc as a leading ministry in Afghanistan’s socioeconomic development. The participants shall now play a key role in implementing and monitoring development projects.”

M&E, including impact evaluations, shall ensure that development projects achieve the best possible outcome for citizens. They provide tools to measure their results, effectiveness and sustainability based on clear criteria. In addition, evaluations and reports promote transparency and accountability and enable implementing actors to learn from past experiences.

Participants learned how to design, implement, and report impact evaluations professionally. Now, they shall use their new knowledge to conduct and support the midterm assessment of two national projects, namely the Kabul Municipal Development Programme (KMDP) and the Nangarhar Valley Development Authority (NVDA).

Head of the MoEc’s Rural Development Sector, Mr Habib Aria, participated in the training and commented: “We benefited professionally from this advanced training. Everyone appreciated the training methods and the close collaboration with the coach.”

A certified trainer used updated and efficient training materials, meeting participants’ expectations. In addition to extended theoretical sessions, attendees benefited from on-the-job coaching as well as individual assignments. The MoEc confirmed the activity’s success and emphasised that the employees are now able to design M&E plans for development projects and conduct impact evaluations. This will further facilitate development projects’ implementation and proper assessment in Afghanistan.

The programme Monitoring Evaluation and Communication in Afghanistan (MEC) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The programme aims at supporting the Afghan government in strengthening monitoring and evaluation capacities. To achieve this objective, MEC assists the Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEc) in implementing monitoring and reporting systems on central and provincial level. It further offers evaluation courses for the ministry’s staff and supports the MoEc in conducting impact evaluations on national development projects to measure results, effectiveness and sustainability. This also increases transparency and accountability of development projects.

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