New Health Clinic in Yaftal-e-Payeen, Badakhshan, Hosts 100 Patients

Yaftal-e Payeen, Badakhshan, 21st February 2018 – Yesterday, the Afghan-German Cooperation handed over a recently constructed health clinic in Naland Village, Yaftal-e-Payeen District in the province Badakhshan. The new clinic is available to the 60,000 residents of the district. In total, the clinic can provide services to 100 patients. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Stabilization Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA) financed the construction at about AFN 27 million.
Inauguration picture of health clinic in Yaftal-e-Payeen, Badakhshan

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Badakhshan’s head of the governor’s technical and sectoral department, expressed his deep gratitude and emphasised the health clinic’s impact of the districts development. The Public Health department’s added that this clinic would positively contribute to fight mother and child mortality in the future.

Members of Badakhshan Provincial Council, heads of line departments as well as district development assemblies, community elders, civil society members, and representatives of the Afghan-German Cooperation attended the event.

The new health clinic has a waiting hall, rooms for birth deliveries including sterilized equipment, examination and mother care, vaccination, a tuberculosis section, a pharmacy, stores and many more. The new water system guarantees a continuous water supply and helps to keep hygiene standards high. A boundary wall protects both staff and patients.

The district’s annual strategy, the so-called Provincial Development Plan included constructing Naland health clinic. In addition to the construction, the Afghan-German Cooperation provided training on how to operate and maintain all facilities. The Ministry of Public Health and the respective department will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the clinic in the future.

The KfW Development Bank implements the Stabilisation Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA) on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA). The programme aims at strengthening local governance structures in Northern Afghanistan and improving the rural population’s living conditions. Thus, the programme supports various infrastructure activities and capacity development. So far, SPNA has already completed 377 projects in over 50 districts of Badakhshan, Kunduz, Takhar, and Baghlan including the construction, rehabilitation or extension of 260 primary & secondary schools, 37 roads and bridges and 16 irrigation canals. At the same time, the project offered job-specific training for more than 18,000 development council members. The programme’s total budget amounts to more than AFN 7 billion for the period from 2010 to 2018.

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