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09.06.2014 | Press release
With AFN 33 million in funding from Afghan-German Cooperation, the new centre will house 50 civil servants from key government departments, including education, finance, agriculture and law.
04.06.2014 | Press release
As a further measure of the campaign, 20 new rubbish bins were installed in the municipalities of Qal-e-Zal and Aqtepa, with a monthly waste disposal plan and budget allocated to keeping the cities clean. The campaign was initiated by Qala-e-Zal Municipality and the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) with almost AFN 550,000 in funding from the German Government through Afghan-German Cooperation. To celebrate the start of the campaign, Mr. Habibullah Mohtashim, District Governor of Qala-e-Zal, and Mr. Muhammad Ewaz, Mayor of Qala-e-Zal, expressed thanks for supporting the campaign to Mr. Manfred Meyer, Cooordinator of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for Kunduz & Baghlan.
01.06.2014 | Press release
With over AFN 10 million in funding, the measures will help modernize the healthcare centre that provides services for almost 10,000 people.
26.05.2014 | Press release
The first phase will include construction of three new reservoirs, main transmission pipes and well equipment.
24.05.2014 | Press release
In Baghlan Markazi district, the Education Management Unit will receive new administrative facilities, and in Dara-e-Kalan village a new secondary school will be built.
22.05.2014 | Press release
Funded by the Afghan-German Cooperation programme at a cost of AFN 27 million, the new facilities will house 56 civil servants from key government departments, including education, finance, agriculture and law.
05.05.2014 | Press release
The newly launched Afghan Renewable Energy Association plans to expand increase renewable energy output from the current 52% of domestic power supply.
04.05.2014 | Press release
The housing will accommodate up to 256 male and female students in separate dormitories.
27.04.2014 | Press release
Project engineers learn how to integrate quality in all aspects of infrastructure projects.
22.04.2014 | Press release
The new Department of Justice (DoJ) building is one of many new judicial buildings built in Kunduz province over the last year, including six new Huquq offices and six prosecution service offices that are already up and running, providing services to the population.