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18.07.2017 | Press release
valueless bank notes that show anti-corruption messages are now disseminated in Balkh province – for three months. The notes shall be used against corruptive behaviour in protest to bribery in return for services that are supposed to be free. Ambition: encouraging discussions about corruption amongst public officials and Afghan citizens. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law (RoL) funds this activity.
11.07.2017 | Press release
Yesterday, the Afghan-German Cooperation handed over a Teacher Training College (TTC), two newly constructed school buildings and one irrigation canal construction to the local government in Baghlan province. The German government funded these four construction projects at a total cost of more than AFN 50 million via the Stabilisation Programme for Northern Afghanistan (SPNA).
10.07.2017 | Press release
Another ten schools located in Aibak in Samangan province will receive similar equipment during the next weeks. About 30,000 female students will benefit from improved physical education (PE) classes. The German government funded the new equipment at a total cost of roughly AFN 1.2 million.
10.07.2017 | Press release
Topic: Gender equity and equality in the Afghan Mining Sector. The MoMP and the Ministry of Woman Affairs (MoWA) jointly organised the workshop, funded by the Afghan-German Cooperation’s project “Promoting Good Governance in the Extractive Sector in Afghanistan”.
05.07.2017 | Press release
More than 80,000 students will now benefit from classrooms equipped with proper boards. The German government funded the activity at a total cost of nearly AFN 3.9 million.
04.07.2017 | Press release
Today, 75 citizen from Nahr-e-Shahi district in Balkh province attended the 19th legal awareness theatre focusing on children’s rights. The Afghan civil society organisation Services Organization for Unity and Development (SOUND) organised the theatre, funded by the Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law (RoL).
22.06.2017 | Press release
Today, a ten days training of 80 law and Sharia students from Balkh University – both male and female – in the topic of criminal procedure law, ended. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law funded the activity.
22.06.2017 | Press release
For a while, the Afghan-German Cooperation has funded programmes that allow young Afghans to gain work experiences via internship programmes. These aim at preparing the women for their professional careers. Experiences in Badakhshan and Takhar have shown that such programmes have the potential to increase the number of female employees in the civil service.
25.05.2017 | Press release
Yesterday, more than 120 representatives of the Afghan government, parliament, the international community, academia and civil society engaged in a one-day discussion event to celebrate two years of the Governance Forum Afghanistan (Govern4Afg). Afghan and German partners launched the think-and-do-tank in 2015 to establish a platform for a broad policy dialogue on governance-related topics. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed the initiative.
25.05.2017 | Press release
Yesterday, a Police-e-Mardumi (PeM) community policing conference took place in the police headquarter in Kunduz. High-level government and police representatives as well as about 280 female and male citizens attended the event. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for the promotion of the rule of law in Afghanistan (RoL) and the Kunduz police headquarter jointly organised the event.