Often, affected people need to tell their story in order to show the significance and scope of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

Take the women in Mazar-e Sharif, who work in a newly constructed bakery training centre where they offer delicious baked goods and pass on their knowledge to other bakers. New recipes, baking techniques and marketing opportunities are on the agenda. In this way, the women can contribute to their families’ income and have a job that they like.

Or, take the policewoman that can live up to her own expectations thanks to a literacy course. Today, she can write complaints, document violations of the law and forward them to the appropriate authorities all by herself. In this way, she supports women in particular to make use of their rights.

These stories give a face to the German Cooperation with Afghanistan. We have collected impressive stories showcasing people whose lives have been significantly influenced thanks to the German Cooperation’s activities in Afghanistan.


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We now have a real home with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
She was a displaced person for 20 years: five years in her own country, followed by 15 years in Pakistan. She lived her life in tents and camps, always without a permanent home. Three years ago, she decided she had had enough: Bibi Wazir and her nephew went back home to Afghanistan, specifically to...
Now the girls have an opportunity to learn how to use modern computer software. That will hugely increase their future opportunities on the labour market.
Model schools serve as examples for other schools, set standards and demonstrate good teaching and good school management.
We can watch the news on television and know what’s happening in our country.
Dust hangs in the air. Clouds of mist descend from the mountains upon the clay-coloured slopes, repeatedly shrouding the power line that snakes tirelessly through the landscape.
Police officers are an important pillar of our society. I want to help them fulfil this duty better through their ability to read and write.
A police officer is issued with a warrant to arrest a suspect. However, he does not know who he is supposed to arrest. A search for a car is made more difficult by the fact that he cannot read registration plates. And a complaint made by a villager cannot be passed on to the relevant departments...
We now have the perfect conditions to train young specialists in a range of disciplines.
A senior doctor is doing his morning rounds in the Abu Ali Sina Balkhi teaching hospital in Mazar-e Sharif. An older man with a slightly worried expression looks at the doctor, who is carefully bending over his bed. He expertly feels the patient’s body, checks the infusion and discusses the...
Since we have the new water supply, I have not received sick notes because of vomiting or diarrhoea anymore.
It is a sunny morning at Farida Balkh School in Balkh’s provincial capital Mazar-e Sharif. About 4,000 pupils from the city go to school here every day. The children in the schoolyard look healthy and eager to learn. But that was not always the case.
With my new knowledge, the amount of milk I process each day has more than doubled. I’m working to new quality standards, and my customers love my yoghurt and cream.
Customers are constantly coming and going at Mohammad Hassan Rezaiee’s small grocery shop in the Sarak-e Kelkin area of Mazar-e Sharif. Women sniff the yoghurt and cream that Rezaiee – a 33-year-old family man – sells from an attractive special stand inside the shop. Having checked the quality, one...
The women here are simply enjoying the fact that they are financially independent and can decide for themselves what they spend their money on.
It’s 11 o’clock in the morning at the Bakery Training Centre run by women in Mazar-e Sharif’s northeast: small cakes, filled pastries and neatly sliced loaves of white bread are stacked on baking trays. Multiple ovens are giving off the pleasant aroma of freshly baked cakes and wholemeal bread....
The financial latitude enabled my expansion.
Sewing machines as far as the eye can see, busy hands skilfully cutting fabrics, working with needle and thread and transforming rolls of fabric into school uniforms, suits and white coats for hospital staff.
With us mentors, these young teachers have someone at their side they can trust. They don’t have the feeling they are utterly alone with a mountain of challenges stacked up against them.
Three years ago, newly qualified teacher Gita was very enthusiastic at the prospect of starting work at a school in Mazar-e Sharif in Balkh Province. After training as a maths teacher at the Teacher Training Institute, she was adamant she would give her pupils a better future by ensuring they got...