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Expanding the Water Supply System to Improve Services in Kabul In order to ensure that the Afghan people have access to a regular supply of high-quality drinking water in adequate quantities, the German Government is supporting the development and expansion of the water system in the capital Kabul. more
Clean Water in Northern Afghanistan In order to upgrade the water supply system and improve the quality of drinking water in Afghanistan’s northern towns, the German Government is supporting the development of essential infrastructure. more
Clear Rules and Qualified Staff for a Clean Water Supply Access to drinking water and sustainable wastewater management depend most of all on qualified staff at the local level and on competent and efficient institutions. The German Government is therefore supporting Afghanistan’s efforts to establish the requisite legal and administrative structures and efficient management processes and to implement a strategic policy framework. more
Hydropower: Providing Reliable Energy to the Capital In order to keep increasing the security of the electricity supply to the Afghan population, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan to rehabilitate its electricity infrastructure and energy production facilities, such as hydropower plants. more
Renewable energy for Afghanistan In order to ensure that Afghanistan’s electricity supply operates sustainably and efficiently in the long term, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan with building decentralised electricity generation facilities based on renewable energy. more
Energy as a Driver of Development in Northern Afghanistan In Afghanistan, the electricity supply situation varies greatly between urban and rural regions. In order to ensure that Northern Afghanistan’s rural population also has secure access to energy, the German Government is supporting work to expand grid-based infrastructure. more
Energy as an Economic Factor – Creating a Legal Framework and Facilitating Investment In the long term, the German Government is assisting Afghan institutions and companies to increase the energy supply throughout the country and create investment incentives. As a result, all processes will in future be coordinated by Afghans themselves at both provincial and national level. more
Electricity in Northern Afghanistan – Promoting Economic Growth and Reducing Poverty In order to ensure a reliable energy supply and the associated economic growth, the German Government is providing support for the construction of electricity transmission and distribution grids in rural regions of Northern Afghanistan, more

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